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Zeiss OPMI Pentero with Blue 400

Zeiss OPMI Pentero with Blue 400

Multidisciplinary operating microscope - visualize the details - perform at ease - maximize OR efficiency

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    OPMI Pentero

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Blue 400 von Zeiss, fluorescence supported tumor resection

Offers the possibility of intraoperative differentiation between diseased and healthy tissue. This fluorescence module was developed in the context of a successfully applied multi-center Phase-III study and was the first module to be completely integrated into the surgical microscope. The Opmi Pentero from Zeiss offers the Blue 400Tm von Zeiss HD-Quality.

Recognizable Differences

Clear distinction between red fluorescent and non-fluorescent surfaces. Fluorescence images visible immediately during the operation.

Continuous Work Steps

Flawlessly integrated into the well-known operating sequence of Opmi Pentero from Zeiss. Switch on and alternate between Zeiss Blue 400 and normal light at the push of a button.

Completely Integrated

Largest possible working distance on the module integration in the microscope head. Unimpaired maneuverability of the surgical microscope. Easy cleaning of the surgical microscope. Complete integration of Zeiss Blue 400 prevents damage to components and time-consuming adjustment of external components.

Zeiss Blue 400 can be integrated into Zeiss Opmi Pentero. The integration of Zeiss Blue 400 in the microscope platform contains special filters for excitation in the wavelength range from 400 to 410 nm and observation in the range from 620 to 720 nm. In addition, the Blue 400 module contains a specially adapted lens and camera for the Blue 400 mode.