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Shimadzu Mobile DaRt Evolution

Shimadzu Mobile DaRt Evolution

The award-winning MobileDaRt Evolution

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    Mobile DaRt Evolution 2009

Mobile DaRt Evolution provides excellent operability, allowing users to move the system freely for easy positioning in confined locations. This reliable, state-of-the-art system lends powerful support to medical facilities with numerous restrictions and a high proportion of urgent cases.  The system provides powerful support in medical facilities thanks to easy positioning in restrictive locations, and outstanding operability allowing intuitive movement of the unit by the operator.


  • Brilliant image quality - based on the advanced dual focal spot size X-ray tube with an anode heat storage capacity of 300 kHU
  • Outstanding operability and efficient workflow - reliable functionality delivers superb performance
  • Extra convenience - letting operators benefit from new smart functionalities
  • Low X-ray exposure dose - enhancing patient care

  • X-Ray Grid
  • Canon CXDI-55C Detector

Year of Manufacture: 2009