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Philips BV Endura

Philips BV Endura

Versatile in use - Optimal Coverage - Flexible Display Options

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    BV Endura

Mobile C-arm for orthopedics and surgery. The BV Endura presents exceptional fluoroscopic images and special programs for orthopedics and surgery to optimally support your workflow with a minimal dose.

Versatile in use

You will find that the BV Endura is ideal for an extensive range of usage areas: vascular surgery, orthopedic surgery, abdominal surgery, neurosurgery, as well as thoracic surgery.

Image optimization Smart Vison stands for the next generation of C-arm imaging. 1K2 imaging- a complete digital image chain with noise reduction and 2D edge enhancement for high image quality, BodySmart software for excellent quality by means of ideal measuring field and dose settings, automatic aperture positioning for excellent and clear representation of the area of interest, automatic setting of contrast and brightness at the touch of a button – for better image quality and greater ease of use.

Optimal Coverage

With its 9 or 12 image intensifiers, the BV Endura enables clear patient coverage and an encompassing rotation range of up to 135 degrees in order to provide you with a comprehensive range of interventions.

Flexible Display Options

The compact, mobile viewing station can be easily controlled in the narrow operation room and, thanks to its small footprint, can be moved very close to the operating table. At the mobile viewing station, the user can manually capture patient information or access a work list over the hospital network. At the beginning of the operation, the screens are set at a desired angle for the doctor and then back to the rotated user for image processing. The processed images are immediately forwarded to the PACS. Two 19-inch screens enable high image quality in the presentation. The screen can be quickly adjusted to the desired height.

Dynamic selection of a 9 or 12 Image intensifier, increased rotation range for vessel exposures, SmartVision Imaging technology, plus a compact mobile viewing station.